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Why travel outside the USA for medical?

The simple answer is cost. Many countries provide quality care for a fraction of the cost.

Why Thailand?

1. Thailand is now the worlds number one medical tourism location, seeing over 4.5 medical tourists per year. 
2. State of the art medical facilities.
3. Quality of care. 
Some hospitals provide a 5 star hotel like experience. 
This fact helps explain why the majority of Thailands medical tourists are not coming due to health care cost concerns at home. 
Instead they come for the excellent treatment they will receive.
4. One stop care.
Major hospitals commonly have everything under one roof, even labs, often making same day results possible. 
This is the primary reason we love doing our medical in Thailand.
No chasing around town for various appointments.We can have our annual physicals, dental checkups and anything else in one convenient location.

Cost wise, even if your need is just a routine check up and/or some dental work, it might be worth a trip. 

What we can do for you.

Choosing to leave home for a medical procedure is a big decision.
It's often a scary decision as well.
We would like to be your first step in making this difficult dicision..
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Example of medical costs in Bangkok.

This (in Thai baht) dermatology bill (Jan. 2014) shows the costs for a skin checkup, biopsy (suspected skin cancer), lab report, doctors fee,followup visit, etc. 
Total cost came to about $175.00 at a private Bangkok Hospital (Phya Thai2).

My Blue Cross insurance (USA) covered the costs.